A feature documentary film

Shining a light into the darkness of the human trafficking of boys.


1 IN 6 Boys report being sexually abused at some point in their lives.

Source Bob’s House of Hope

“Most films do not get finished or simply do not live up to the potential of their subject matter.
If you need proof that Malinda will not only finish this project but do an extraordinary job, simply look to
her past. She has been an EMT. She has Been a firefighter. She has finished multiple degrees at ACC with
distinction. Everything that she does is completed fully with the utmost dedication. I personally believe
that this film will be no exception and AFS will ultimately be proud to have any type of association with the
final product.”

John Spottswood Moore

Documentary Film-maker/Professor

This letter is intended to demonstrate support for the documentary initiative of Malinda Baum. Malinda and Ranch Hands Rescue are working together towards the creation of a documentary on the unseen epidemic of sex trafficked boys and young men. Together, we will write, film, edit, and produce the documentary #BOYSTOO.

In June 2021, Ranch Hands Rescue opened Bob’s House of Hope, the first safe house in the United States for young men 18 and up who have been sex trafficked. Through extensive review of the available literature, and an awareness that sex trafficking of males is vastly underreported, we have established that up to 50% of sex trafficked youth are boys. From what we have seen since this initiative began, boys are the unseen survivors of this global epidemic, and their victimization is almost completely ignored in the United States. As a result of stigma, fear, and ignorance, these innocent victims do not receive the access to recovery resources that they need in order to escape the bonds of sex trafficking and start a life outside of that dark world. With the establishment of Bob’s House of Hope, a 70 city billboard campaign, and this documentary, we hope to bring awareness to the sex trafficking of boys and young men while also creating safe spaces for recovery and the necessary resources that come with those spaces. Together, we can end this horrific practice of sexual slavery.

In addition to our show of support, we just want to say thank you to Malinda Baum for taking on this monumental task and for the passion she has for helping to make this a reality. We also want to thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. We cannot do the work we do without wonderful people like Malinda and yourselves who reach out to be a part of something that changes lives. If you have any questions about Ranch Hands Rescue or Bob’s House of Hope, please visit www.ranchhandsrescue.org, or contact me directly at landon@ranchhandrescue.org.

Landon Dickeson, Executive Director

Bob’s House of Hope

“She is a real renaissance woman – firefighter, weightlifter, author, artist, camerawoman, breast cancer survivor and grandma.
Her latest project is a documentary film on the human trafficking of boys.
Yes. Boys.
Every day across the globe, thousands of kids are bought and sold like a pair of socks.
40% are BOYS.
Malinda’s film,#BoysToo, will dive deep into the subject, uncovering where and why these boys are in the shadows.
She is up against some major challenges to make all this happen.
She needs funding to hire a team, to do the research, to travel to locations, to buy more equipment, to shoot and edit and produce the final piece.
I am asking all my network to take a look at her link, to read her mission and to make even the smallest of donations.
As they say, every little bit helps. I can vouch for her. She is the real deal. “

Kellie-Ann Braind

Award winning Journalist/Online Coach