A feature documentary film

Shining a light into the darkness of the human trafficking of boys.

Up to 300,000 American citizens under 18 are lured into commercial sex trade every year

That’s roughly 150,000 boys every year

References: Polaris, NCBI, HHS.gov, USA Today, DHS

There are many myths about boys/men being sex trafficked, this short video covers just a few.

Updates and In the News

Labor, sex and parts, oh my!

The tragic reality is that human trafficking of men and boys remains a pressing global issue. The modern slave trade still happens today, with devastating

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Boys Face Unique Challenges

Human trafficking is a global issue, and unfortunately, boys are often overlooked in the conversation. Boys face unique challenges that make them more vulnerable to

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For The Love Of The Boys

Welcome to February, the month of Love.  Here in Texas, January seemed to leave kicking and screaming, and February has come in with a vengeance

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