A feature documentary film

Shining a light into the darkness of the human trafficking of boys.

Human Trafficking is a business where SUPPY always equals DEMAND. In fact it is the only one that this is true.

Source: Kevin Bales, Disposable People

Malinda Baum (photo by: Chris Cina)

Directors Statement

My mission, as a director, a filmmaker, a mother and grandmother, is driven by the desire to serve those that are the most susceptible to being trafficked, to shed light on tragedies that we can work together to avoid, to help them see their worth, and their beauty BEFORE a trafficker grooms them for a tragic life. 

I also deeply desire to train the individuals who work with the boys who are the most at risk, to identify the signs and symptoms of a young boy being groomed to stop the trafficking before it even begins. Both education and service are the two pillars of the mission of #BoysToo. 

My devotion and passion for this project is to create a film that sparks discussion and spurs lasting change in our communities both in Texas, nationally and globally. Trafficking is a global issue with global consequences. 

It wasn’t until I had the honor and privilege of meeting Bob Williams, founder and CEO of Bob’s House of Hope in late 2021, that I learned of the dark and chilling truth that boys are also being trafficked.

I was devastated to find out through further research, education, and personal experiences that human trafficking knows no boundaries when it comes to race, religion or socio-economic position. It can be found everywhere – in the USA and globally – and perpetrators can be anyone, including women.

That’s when the guilt set in… Had I overlooked any victims of trafficking during my years working as a firefighter/paramedic? How many had I dropped off at the ER or turned over to the police who needed a safe place and someone to care for them? It was then that I realized how little training exists on the trafficking and sexual assault of men – if any.

I HAD to do something, so I used the skills I have to begin the journey of making #BoysToo, a documentary aimed at raising awareness about this horrific issue. It is my hope that through this film, I will be able to help people recognize and prevent more cases of human trafficking.

Growing up, I heard the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”. While the village is ever changing, I believe this concept to be true at its core.  Would you band together with me to be a part of the village whose mission is to keep them safe?