Welcome to February, the month of Love.  Here in Texas, January seemed to leave kicking and screaming, and February has come in with a vengeance of freezing rain, sleet and snow, all of which bring this state to pretty much a dead stop. I have been hunkered down in my house since Monday afternoon. We look to be thawing out around Friday, I hope anyway. 

When the weather turns to the bitter cold and precipitation we have had, my thoughts turn to those who, for whatever reason, have no shelter or proper attire. There is a hope that they have found a place in a shelter or collected enough “money” to obtain a room somewhere. But why is it only a concern when the weather is bad? Well truthfully I think of it often but it really comes to the forefront of my thoughts during inclement weather. 

I also begin to wonder how many of those without a place to call home are being trafficked, then how many of them are boys? How many of them were trafficked just to have a warm place to stay and food for a day?  And then there are the boys that live next door to some of you, that have a warm bed and probably food, but still live a life of horror behind those doors. 

Trafficking happens in many different ways and forms. Over the month of February we will be posting daily, so short and some much longer, about statistics, types of trafficking, inspirational quotes and thoughts, all For The Love Of The Boys. Stick with us, share the information, because without each of us shining a light into the darkness, the traffickers and those trafficked can not be seen. 

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