A feature documentary film

Shining a light into the darkness of the human trafficking of boys.

“It’s a girl thing, right?”

They live in darkness. They have lost all hope. They are living in hell.
You encounter them on street corners or at bus stops.
They live in your neighborhood, go to the schools in your town –
BUT you often don’t realize who they are.
These boys are victims of human trafficking.



Boy sitting under I-35 Austin Tx (Photo/artwork by Malinda Baum)

Human trafficking is a global problem that sadly often happens right before our eyes, a forever War-style issue that affects everyone. It’s often hard to tell when you’re looking at it from the outside because these crimes tend to be subtle and blend into everyday life—until you learn the signs to watch for! Trafficking has many forms – all equally nefarious- none are as horrid to society as sex slavery, especially that of children or young adults. 

Modern-day slavery is anything but a modern phenomenon. It exists in all shapes and sizes, from the most overt forms like child trafficking to less obvious ones such as labor abuse for profit; it touches nearly every community around our world today through both direct involvement (by victims) or indirect impact on others living nearby who may be vulnerable because their family has been affected by these horrors too–children are being prostituted right next door.

All too often Boys are left out of the conversation, discounted as victims to this horrific crime.

It is time to speak out and put an end to this atrocity. We must raise awareness of the plight of trafficked boys and work to protect them from exploitation. Let’s join together to fight for the rights of #BoysToo – because they matter, and their voices deserve to be heard.

#BoysToo is a documentary that shines a light on the tragedy of sex trafficking, including boys who were once trapped in this terrible industry but now have found strength and hope for their future. The lack of services available to males makes it nearly impossible for Boys even after escaping from being trafficked. But we need your help to accomplish this goal. Please help us spread the word about the issue and/or give to the film efforts.

Homeless Male (Photo by Malinda Baum)